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 The Importance of English
English is an international language and is practiced by almost every people to communicate, regardless the differences of their cultural background. English connects people from all over the world. Although some countries may not use English as their prime language, they still need to learn this lingua franca in order to enhance their communication skills, as to develop their countries to be respectedly known in the eyes of the world.

One of the reason why we need to learn English is that it will definitely helps us to further our studies. In tertiary education, a fundamental understanding of English is a must because most of the books provided for the students are written in English. So, if you don't understand the language itself, it will cause you some major problems whenever you want to study, or do some revisions on your own.

Next, with a great fluency in English, you can get a job as easy as ABC. In today's world, employers, regardless the government or private sectors, will be hiring someone who is capable to speak in English, as to maintain the professionalism among the employees/workers. You can also be promoted easily if you know how to communicate well and shows a highly-reputable skill of leadership.

  Furthermore, English can help you a lot when you're travelling overseas, especially in the United Kingdom, the United States & Australia, because these countries are using English as their main language. For an example, you can easily ask for directions if you're lost.

Lastly, we can enjoy those interesting TV shows from American & British productions without having to look at the subtitles. It might be slightly difficult to fully understand English as there are so many different accents not only from UK, but from all over the world. What we can do is to learn the way they speak, the way they pronounce their words, and soon our ears can adapt with these different yet interesting accents. And for that, we can just sit back & relax whilst watching the show.

English has been the common world-wide language, and it will continuously be in the future, so it is an essential necessity for people to learn this language as it brings many benefits which can help us in our daily routines/lives. 
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