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 Benefits of Studying In A Group
           As a student the largest part of our life represented by working on projects, preparing assignments and presentations and of course, the cherry on top of the cake such as preparing for exams. With in this mind, I the think it is high time to learn how to make the most of all this time spent on studying. Here are some things that you might or not might know about study groups.
         The benefit of studying in a group is you can creating a friendship. The group are also used as a means of getting students to meet other students I their program who also live in residence. Students have the opportunity to meet together and while discussing their course material, create friendships.

          Oftentimes, students who attend study groups share the same goals, such as working hard to receive good grades. Study groups offer a great support system to students who wish to reinforce these goals in their academic lives!

           Not only are your eyes opened to new perspectives, but you also see how others work, and perhaps you can learn thing or two adopting study skills that you never knew existed. In a group, students share ideas, experience and knowledge. This way, residents discuss alternative perspectives and a problem that may have taken one student thirty minutes to solve may take three students only ten minutes to solve.

            The conclusion is, studying in a group is more better than study alone at home. There are so many benefits of studying in a group. It also help you to study in a easy way.
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