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 Educational Essay: A Life Without A Good Education
A job without an education is like a man on drugs: it’s not a great combination. How are you going to know how to flip burgers on a grill at McDonalds? Furthering your education after high school is very important if you want to live a good life while providing for your family. Getting a high paying job is also important. Continuing your education after high school is important because you need to get a good job, know how to survive on your own without the help of your parents, and be knowledgeable about life while knowing what to do/what not to do.
First of all, how in the world do you think, with the way our governments are running this country, you’re going to survive with an eighth grade dropout diploma? Sorry but you’re not. Going to college or trade school and taking those extra few years of learning is not going to kill you, it’s going to help you. Nowadays, managers are looking for people with a full education to work for them, particularly the good jobs. Plus once you get a good job, you will get good money, and once you have good money, you can make it rain and provide for your family.
Second of all, let’s be real. We all know you do not want to live your life when your 45 years old in your parents basement. Who would want to do that? Your parents can’t hold your hand when you get in trouble or you get fired. You’re not a little kid anymore. You’re a big boy/girl! You need to know how to provide for yourself and college can do that, specifically if you’re living in a dorm room without your parents. I’m sure you will learn the skills of saving money, buying food, shopping, many of the little things your parents used to do for you. Everybody needs to be able to teach their kids right from wrong; I mean I don’t think you want them to grow up being drug attics or alcoholics. I believe college is where most drug related incidents happen, but if you know how to how to say no, they will too!

In conclusion, furthering your education after high school is very important, you need to live your life independently and I think college can do that. Learning to live your life without the help of your parents is also important. Lastly, being a real man is another reason. So what I’m saying is that continuing your education after high school is the key to life because you need to get a good job, know how to survive on your own without your parents, and finally to be knowledgeable about life, like what to do/not what to do. 
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