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 Educational Essay: The Benefits of Studying Abroad
If you want to learn about someone walk a mile in their shoes. What greater way is there to understand another culture's point of view than studying abroad? Studying abroad is a life changing opportunity that benefits not only you but our nation and the world.
Sure, you have read about other cultures in books and seen them on television but that does not compare to the feeling that you will get when you throw yourself into another culture. Break away from your cultural norms and experience what it is like for those that live in other countries. Interact with another culture and break the cultural barriers that you have had your whole life. Become more independent and reflect on what it means to be who you are. Leave your home behind and experience a new world outside the one you are familiar with and you may begin to view yourself and your culture in a new light.
Think of what studying abroad can do for your career. Studying abroad is so much fun you will forget that you are gaining academic credit while visiting another country. Not to mention the knowledge and experience that can help you succeed in future career options. The studying abroad experience is a great addition to any resume and can help you snag the job of your choice. Employer's desks are covered with stacks of applications but your experience from studying abroad will set you apart from other well qualified applicants.
Our nation is hurting because of our ignorance of the different cultures around us. As college students we can start a trend and begin to rid the United States of cultural ignorance. Study abroad and show how accepting the American people can be. People in other countries who meet you form their views of America so while studying abroad helps our nation to gain a better understanding of other cultures, it also helps others better understand the United States thus preventing world conflicts.
Try to picture a world where people are not allowed to leave the country that they are born in. Imagine the consequences we would face if we ignored the world around us. Lack of knowledge and understanding of other cultures could lead to disaster. Every culture benefits from the values, beliefs, traditions, and experiences of other cultures. The world is a better place when there is understanding among different cultures. Therefore, if you study abroad you can be an essential part of keeping the world together.
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